For the purpose of this expo we Visited multiple villages and stayed in the vacation village Vartop, at an amazing host

Valea Ariesului is a surprisingly rich area, in both sightseeing and activities. Full of amazing caves, natural waterfalls, and an overall dreamy feel, this is by far the best 4 seasons location for  travelling. Even in the weekdays, the Vartop vacation village is full of people getting the most out of the experience, be it sking, on one of the most cared for slopes we have ever seen, hang gliding or ATV driving.


The entire area has a relaxing atmosphere, fit for dreamers as well as active people. The opportunities are limitless, as there are over 100 natural attractions.

We have mentioned our host. How about this: an ex croupier on cruise ships, who has seen the entire world and has a lot to share. Surely, the stories were amazing and the company even more so, we felt so good visiting his pension that we would have never returned home.


One of the activities that  you have to try in Valea Ariesului is Skiing. Vartop station has two slopes, that are  placed very close to one another.


Skiing is also considerably cheaper here, than in most of the stations in Romania. However, the slopes are well cared for and  nocturnal skiing is possible.


As we have mentioned before, the entire area is full of natural attractions, such as waterfalls, caves and beautiful areas in the mountains. There is always something new and amazing to see, so you cannot say you've seen all there is in only one stay.


No matter the season, there are activities and places fit for every taste.

The museum

Want to learn about Romanian traditions? There is no better place than the museum of traditional crafts in Patrahaitesti.


Here, the hosts  can sing at the tulnic for you. Tulnics were used to communicate between villages back when wireless communications were a thing of the future, and the  variety of songs is so big, you will be amazed.

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