For the purpose of this expo we Visited Vatra Dornei, The Calimani National Parc and stayed in ┼×arul Dornei village

Bucovina is a region divided between Romania and Ukraine. Southern Bucovina is situated in the North-Eastern side of Romania and is believed to be one of the best touristic destinations in the entire country. The reasons vary from the stunning landscapes, the Christian architecture which set a standard in the art history, the delicious food and the traditions that are preserved and strictly passed from one generation to another.


The entire area has a different atmosphere than what you would expect: the villages are always animated as the mountains of snow never seem to stop people in going about their days. In the rural area tourism is increasingly developing as more and more tourists decide to come to  Bucovina each year.

The region offers plenty  posibilities for spending the day: you can either take a walk and admire the stunning landscapes, or if you are not too fond of walks you can ride a horse pulled sleigh through the snow.,or you can stand and taste the local foods which are renowned in Romania. If these do not seem activities that would stir your interest, you can go to Vatra Dornei ski slope and practice winter sports.


The locals in Sarul Dornei mostly work in tourism, agriculture or growing animals, but regular activities are not unseen here.

Horse Sleigh Rides

One of the activities that are worth doing in Bucovina are the Horse Sleigh Rides.


The rides are often organized by your host and  they will be an interesting tour of the area. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings, or you can chat with  the driver, as you please!  The horses are friendly and after the tour you have a chance to make friends with them if you are not too shy.

Calimani Reservation

The Calimani reservation is a protected area with many habitats and diverse flora and fauna. The views here are pretty spectacular and the snow has a completely unique texture. The reservation is surrounded by numerous monuments  and churches dating from the XVIIIth century.


Chances are you will get to see a few wildlings while hiking in the Calimani Reservation. If you are lucky they could be only a few goats, foxes or squirrels, if not, you may meet a bear or a wolf in flesh and bone.



Vatra Dornei

The  central park of Vatra Dornei hosts pedestrian passages as well as a fully functional skying slope. The city itself is clean and not too crowded, and the animals in the park are quite used to being surrounded by tourists.


The parc has 5 slopes, hosting the second longest skying slope in Romania with 3200m length.


Here you can also see the  Natural Sciences Museum,  or take part in some of the local festivals.

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