Vama Veche is a beachside village, located just before the Bulgarian border. In time the village has become increasingly popular amongst the people in Romania, but also amongst tourists.




For the purpose of this expo, but not only, we visited vama veche several times.

Vama Veche has a reputation of quite a libertine place and it lives up to it. A long walk from one side to the other will show you all kinds of people, in different states of  enabriation, stilll feeling good with each other.


The night is the time Vama Veche becomes alive as a lot of beachside bars open by the night. Activities such as dancing on the beach or pub crawling are amongst the most popular here.


Despite the years having passed and the people having changed Vama Veche still remains a place of freedom, as you can walk the streets without shoes, you can sing and dance on the streets and bottom line you can manifest your happiness in any way you find desirable without being judged.


The variaety of alchoolic bevearages available in Vama Veche knows no boundaries. There are also bars and pubs that only exist 3 months a year, in Vama Veche - and in some places you can find awesome bartenders and amazing customer service.




The population of Vama Veche in summer is mostly composed out of tourists so here you can meet all kinds of people. The common denominator is you will meet young, happy people that want to feel free for a few days.

We want you to visit Vama Veche, but we cannot lie about the beach - it is one of the worst Romanian beaches as the water is filled with rocks and the sand is not as fine as you would expect.


The beach stands nowhere between the reasons people visit Vama Veche. Although if you are willing to try it you will find it is quite close to it's natural state.


Multiple accomodations are available in Vama Veche, starting from simply placing your tent on a spot on the beach, to a few clean hotels.



You can also camp in an organised establishment, as there are quite a few interesting campings, and wooden bungalows are also available for rent in the village.


As every seaside location, Vama Veche gives quite a few opportunities for activities. Everywhere you look there's a bar or a shot stand and these places are open all night. This is actually the main activity people seek in Vama Veche.


There are also some locations providing a clubbing experience by the sea.


In the daytime you can try the beach, go scuba or canooing, as there are places where you can rent equipment .


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